Thursday, April 15, 2010

Think Spring

Good Evening
Well tonight I decided to switch up a little bit and share some spring flowers with you.  Up here in the north country our flowers are just beginning to bloom...and we are early this year really.  This time of year I even like to see dandelions bloom cos it tells me spring is here.  
Well our tulips have been budded a few days--but today the very first one opened up--a pretty yellow one....checked our lilacs, and they are budded--Yeehaw!!!! another sign of spring.  The little wild violets are blanketing around the lilacs, it was 80 today with nice sun...all and all a good day today.
Hope you enjoy my tulips and Thank you for taking the time to stop by.
Have a great day tomorrow---and it is the beginning of the weekend so enjoy...although after 80 today--they say we could---now mind you I said could have snow flurries Saturday..what a bust....


Phyllis said...

Such a pretty card Gloria.

Anonymous said...

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