Monday, October 26, 2009

Mostly White

Wow...It has been a while since I lasted posted.
I want to share with you tonight a card I did and love the way it turned out. I usually use much more color, but I have two friends who inspired me to try more white. They do awesome white cards....You can check out Deloris's work here .
And Jennie's work here.
The stamp is a really old one from PSX 1990 but I still love it
Hope you like it
Let me know what you think--and remember Let's get those pinkies inky

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cardinal in the Snow

Hi Everybody
Well I finally have got something to add to my blog. I ended up sick this week so haven't had much done. I colored this cardinal last night with my Bic markers of course (lol) and punched him out with a Marvy punch. He is a Northwood's stamp--and I think the saying below was also Northwood's but not postive on that. Anyway hope you enjoy. I am going to go do my inhaler and get ready for bed. Dc says I have peunomia--wich I am sure that is spelled wrong.

Anyway go get those pinkies and inky and have a good night and a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More of the Michigan Color Tour

This is a view of Houghton Lake. Doesn't it look so calming and serene.
Another view of the lake
A good close up of the trees I managed to capture during the drive.
This one shows some color in the distance.
As well as this one
Another one of Judy and I at the rest area. For some reason she thought she needed Fred's cane.
This one is from the other side of the rock. If you look down you can see how high up we were as the cards are parked way down below
Now I see why Judy wanted Fred's cane. Look after I took her with me--she is going to beat me with the cane. (lol)
Well I think that is the end of our color tour. I only took 67 pictures (lol) I tried to share the best with you.

Now to go get my pinkies inky...
Love to hear what you thought of our beautiful north country...

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Color Tour of Michigan

This picture is Houghton Lake , Michigan across from Arnies Arts and Crafts. Isn't that red tree beautiful?
This is a rest area just before you get to West Branch, Michigan. I think it is the prettiest rest area along the trip up north. This is Judy (my sister) and I against the big rock on the hill. We went to Arnies in Houghton Lake. The craft store is like a city block long, and yes girls they do sell on line. You can find them here.
This is a picture of the trees from kind of down at the base of the hill looking up
This one I took looking straight up into the trees
This one was focusing up and out.
This is the entrance road to the rest area. I will try to share some more pictures tomorrow....
Just thought I would let ya'll see Michigan in all its glory...
Hope you enjoyed your tour...Please come again.
Now it is time to go get our pinkies inky again.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sarah Kay

Well as promised not Northwood's. I love the little Sarah Kay girls. I have some of her stamps but this particular one I got from a coloring book website. I am not real happy with the card itself---I forgot to cuttlebug my back piece of paper so it is a little to plain for me....but the colors I used I just loved the way it turned out so had to share anyway.
Hope you like it too.
As always would love to hear from you and Thank you for stopping by.

and don't forget Let's keep those pinkies inky

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll

Okie Dokie....Here we are with another Northwood's stamp. Tomorrow I promise it will be something different than Northwoods. (lol)
I do love the coloring options with a Northwood's stamp though.
As usual they were colored with my Bics and Sharpies.
Hope you enjoy...
Please if you have time let me know what you think--but above all else
Let's keep those pinkies inky

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hey My Little Chickadee

Hello out there in Blogland
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the rest of your evening....Those of you down under and around it's back to the workweek for ya'll. We here in the USA have a few more hours....
This is another Northwoods stamp. I love to color and love the detail they put into their stamps. As usual I colored with my Bics and Sharpies. My corner punch (that I have been looking for for years-ever since my sister got her's ) I finally found for $5 at Big Lots. I was a happy camper. We went looking for all the different paper everyone was posting about on the yahoo groups yesterday--but no luck there--I found 2 packs of paper and that was it.
Well Thanks so much for stopping by. Would love to hear from you--then I can go visit you as well.
As always
Let's keep those pinkies inky.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wow A Busy Day

Good Evening Everyone
Boy today has been a very busy day. I have my blog done now the way I want it.....with the 3 columns and a gorgeous background and header. My deepest thank yous go out to my friend Rita Loyd who helped me get it all together--actually she did the layout and stuff. I just added all my blog links etc....and also to Penny Duncan for creating such a beautiful background and header. I cherish both friends tremendously.....
Okay on to my card I have posted for you tonight. Yes I finally stamped again. It is a Northwood's stamp colored with my Bics and Sharpies. The blue background is chalks applied with a cotton ball...then my $1.00 pack of jewels from Michaels sets it off.
One of the girls on another list lives in Canada and said it was snowing--BRRR...Hope it stays there and doesn't move on down into Michigan....
Have a great evening everyone--Hope you all like my new do.....
Let's keep those pinkies inky....
Send a little love if you care too...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My first card

Well my first card posted to my new blog.
This is a 3-d--don't remember where I got the sheet, but my background paper is from a DCVW pack from a couple years ago. I used my oval nesties and my corner punch from SU and that is about it. I thought it was quite simple but a striking effect.
Would love to hear from you if you have the time---but above all
Let's get those pinkies inky


Well---I don't know what is wrong with my original blog Stampscootersdream but it won't let me send the link to anyone. If you have the link you can get out there but that is it.
Hopefully I can get it fixed--til then I will use this one