Monday, November 16, 2009

I got Pansies on my mind

Must be a Pansy kind of day. These last couple days as I took our little shitzu out to go potty I noticed my little johnny jump pansies just blooming away--mid November, this is Michigan folks. They looked so pretty. I needed to make a birthday card for a lady on a yahoo group I am on so decided to do this 3-d pansy card. I hope she will like it.
Another funny thing was my dear friend Rita did a pansy card on her blog cool was that...great minds think a like. You can check hers out at HERE.
Please if you have a notion let me know what ya think. I think it turned out quite elegant.
So till next time
Let's keep those pinkies inky


Christina said...

Very pretty, Gloria.... Where you on the phone with Rita when you were both creating these???? LOL

Julie Ann said...

Ohh- just gorgeous!! I love that shade of purple in the background.

Deloris said...

Gloria....Oh My...your back in the groove alright....that is it...I am so jealous of your little Johnny jump up pansys in your yard...Love Ya..Deloris

Paige said...

The lucky lady will love this!

Patti Senter aka NW Lady said...

Beautiful card!!! Love the pansies, your cards are just so stunning Gloria. Love how yours and Ritas minds think alike!! or is that dangerous???

Rita said...

I love this...and of course we are always on the same our chat the other are my sweet you..

Barb said...

Pansies are my favorites!! I remember going to the pansy patch every spring and helping my grandmother pick out the prettiest ones for her beds. This image is just gorgeous and I'm sure your friend loved it!

I also love shih tzus --- I have 4 of them! Their little faces remind me of pansies, too!