Saturday, November 14, 2009

I am here

Hello Ladies
Sorry I have been missing in action. It has been a terrible month....First I had pneumonia....and I was just getting over that, and we got a call and had to rush to Alabama, where my Dad had stints put in...they send him home fine, and 20 mins after he got home, he had severe chest pains, and they rushed him back to the hospital where he passed away.
The weather down there was rainy and wet--I managed to get thru the funeral etc, but then I came down with breathing problems--went to ER down there, they did not keep me, but I got no better ---we fianlly toughed it out and made it home, where I went to ER andthey admitted me and I spent 4 days there. I am finally beginning to feel partly human again---not the greatest, but can motivate.
Any way here is a card I did before I went, hope you enjoy it.
Good to be back on....Thanks to all who sent cards and emails etc.

Let's keep those pinkies inky


Rita said...

This is really Autumn looking..I love it...glad you are back home and out of the have had a rough October...lets hope things are better for you this month. Love you..

Barb said...

Oh my gosh, Gloria! I had no idea! I am so sorry for you loss and for your illnesses. I hope you are doing much better. The card is beautiful. It is good to see you back.


Paige said...

Gloria this is a very beautiful card. I love all the layered details. You have a good eye for details!

Penny Duncan Creations said...

It's a beautiful card Gloria.......but more importantly I'm glad to hear you are on the way to recovery....I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of your father......I'm sure it has indeed been a very rough month!!!!

Christina said...

this is a very beautiful card, and even more beautiful on MY wall.... I am so happy you are feeling better.
Love, Christina