Friday, January 24, 2014

First Valentine 2014

Hey Hey Hey.......
Can you all believe.....I am updating my blog....It has been a very busy year....On Oct 19th our Grandson Jackson arrived.  He is just the sweetest lil guy you will ever see.....Then Thanksgiving, and then the week before Christmas we got hit with the big ice storm and had no power for 5 days....Thank God for the fireplace and our neighbor who gave us wood for it and who helped Fred keep the generator going to keep the sump pump running.  Then the next week we got hit with 17 inches of snow....We  actually spent Christmas day without power....
Anyway I did get to craft a little the last week or so, got some Valentines made from my Anna Griffin Valentine kit.  I have shared one with you I have to post I will share one for the next several days each night....Hope you like them.
Till next time....Have a great day....keep warm...and do a little crafting.

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Paula said...

Goodness, you've had quite the winter! Glad to hear you are doing OK even through these frigid days. I just love this card. Great way to start the new year. Looking forward to seeing what's next.