Friday, December 17, 2010

More Gifts

Happy Holidays

This is a whole bunch of pencils and erasers I had to wrap for my little Lexie to take for her class. I thought it was a good idea--the teacher asked each child to bring a small gift for all in the classroom--like pencils or a small toy like you would have in party packs--something very inexpensive but this way all kids would get the same. Lexie chose pencils and erasers and believe it or not it took longer to wrap all these pencils then it did to make the Christmas mugs for all the teachers. I am sure she will be happy though and that is what counts.
Tomorrow I will be back to sharing cards (lol)

Wishing Seasons Best to you all.

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Diann said...

Merry Christmas....can't wait to see your lovely ART in 2011. Diann