Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Hello All.....How is everyone tonight. I called this entry Winter Wonderland...It truly does look like a Winter Wonderland. Did you all know that was the nickname for this great state of Michigan that I live in....If you noticed on my blog as I am adding this card anyway, we have a balmy 18 degrees.....Brr!!!!!!!
This first view is from the front and the bottom one is a side few to show you how many layers there is. It was a fun, but easy card to do.
Doesn't the blue make you feel like it is cold?

Well hope you enjoyed my edition for today, if so I would love to here from you.
Thanks for stopping by and remember

"Let's keep those pinkies inky....

Happy Holidays to one and all


Christina said...

So cute, and wintery... Wow you are cold there, I hope you are staying warm. It is cold here but not that cold... I love the way the embossing goes so well with the paper, wow... Very pretty!

Jennie W said...

Lovely snowy card Gloria but you can keep all that cold weather right up there in Michigan!

Rita said...

I love this.....and they 3d look is awesome. And you can keep your snow up there as well...just share it with me on your
Love ya